The Artmobile is thrilled to announce our FREE Virtual Art Class Series!
In staying aligned with our commitment to support the enrichment and creative needs of young people living not only in the underserved neighborhoods that we frequently serve, but to the community as a whole, we pivoted and created TheArtmobile@Home virtual art classes series. With distance and hybrid learning on the horizon for many area schools we saw the need for virtual enrichment activities and wanted to ensure all children have access to an arts enrichment program. The six classes below are now available on our Youtube channel

Blind Contour Drawing

Practice your observation skills and create abstract portraits. Take time to explore the fun of watercolors, create a self-portrait with one line, and share your artwork with your family and friends.

Art Supplies Needed: Watercolor paper, Sketch paper, Pencil, Sharpie, Watercolor set, Brush, Water

Op Art Cubes

Learn about the art of creating optical illusions and the artists who started the movement. Follow along to create 6 op art designs of your own. Cut and fold your paper to transform your designs into a 3-D cube.

Art Supplies Needed: Pencil, Scissors, Glue, Sharpie, Printable Cube Template: Click Here 

Animal Illustration

Learn about how illustrators use images to tell stories. Practice line drawing techniques such as hatching, and create your very own wacky animal illustration.

Art Supplies Needed: Paper, Pencil, Pen or Sharpie, Colored Pencils

Abstract Watercolor

Explore various watercolor techniques, such as washes, wet-on-wet, blotting, resist, glazing, and more. Choose a color scheme and be amazed with what you can create.

Art Supplies Needed: Watercolor paper, Brush, Water, Paper towel, Crayon, Salt, Black Sharpie

Chalk Drawing

Focus on using value to create a realistic black and white drawing. Practice using chalk on black paper to make a high-contrast drawing based on a reference image.

Art Supplies Needed: Black Paper, Pencil, Eraser, White Chalk

Notan Design

Learn about the ancient Japanese art of Notan design. Cut organic shapes out of paper and balance positive and negative space in your very own harmonious composition.

Art Supplies Needed: Black Paper, White Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Glue or Glue stick