2018 Program Impact

Lessons Learned

  • Give an overview of what we will be doing today
  • Activities needed structure and youth wanted directions
  • Keep activity time no more than 45min-1hr
  • Youth worked together
  • Snacks are an important draw to engagement
  • Having the art fan complete the activity made them feel empowered

We developed a 7 step process to our art making 

  1. Introductions and art fan name tags broke ice
  2. Books engaged youth
  3. Created a pre-planning activity sheet which helped youth think through their activity
  4. Showed a tri-fold with activity examples to stir imagination
  5. Distribute art supplies (to avoid distraction if distributed earlier)
  6. Share artwork
  7. Fill out survey and hand out snack

Our Neighborhood Partners

Hilltop Library
Glenwood Community Center
Franklinton Library

Lower Lights
Jr. Explorer Club
Clintonville Beechwalk Resource Center

Our Program Funders