Enrich the lives of students by bringing high-quality, arts-inspired learning opportunities into the heart of any neighborhood, particularly those that are under served.


All children deserve the opportunity to benefit from mobile arts inspired learning opportunities no matter where they live.

Target Audience

Students ages 3-14 living in low-income, priority neighborhoods with high poverty, high crime, high infant mortality and low high school graduation rates, where unemployment, transportation limitations, and food deserts are common.

Our Team

The program is staffed with caring art professionals who love the community, love art and want to make a difference. The team includes an art educator, professional artist and a program director to ensure high quality programming. Having professional artists is are a key component to the quality of the student’s artistic experience.

What We Do:

Explore Art

Learn about various art styles, techniques and artists. Students investigate art making techniques to think critically about themselves, their projects, and their neighborhoods. They explore more than just the world of art- they also gain skills in literacy, geography, identity, communication, and problem solving.

Make Art

Engage in the creative process. Students develop confidence in self-expression and empowerment through the exploration of new ideas. The curriculum is developed with themes that tap into their imaginations and spark their curiosity. Students experiment with line, color, form, shape, texture, and value to create a finished product that they can take pride in.

Share Art

Participate in peer collaboration. Students share their unique talents and ideas by showcasing their artwork to others. This exchange of perspectives encourages them to consider multiple solutions to a single problem. It inspires them to learn from each other and to try something new.

Why The Artmobile?

It’s an all-encompassing service.

We provide all the art supplies, materials, and even a healthy snack after each session. The Artmobile has a highly researched curriculum, including a mixed-method evaluation process at the end of each session. Our unique process to art making is taught by professional artists and/or art educators that teach students artistic skills they can go explore on their own after the session.

This simple but effective shift in the way art making experiences are delivered is what makes The Artmobile a strong solution to provide and broaden access to the arts for at-risk students in low income neighborhoods.

Together we can enrich the lives of students to have fun with art, think creatively, try something new, and express themselves!